I am unable to take a test, when i click the launch button a pop-up error appears "You cannot run the test when status is exempt"


I’m trying to take a test. When I select a test, a popup with a notification displays You cannot run the test when status is Exempt and prevents me from continuing. How do I access my test?



An “Exempt” status on a test means that the user is exempted from taking the test. Adding additional tests/modules to the Catalogue Item with users who are already enrolled changes the weight of the assets which was not evenly divided after adding.
 Notify the administrator who can either re-enrol the user via the assign learning wizard or change the status of the attempt.



Re-enrol the user via Assign Learning Wizard

Manually change the test enrolment statu

1. Navigate to Manage Learning > Enrolment

2. Search for the user with the Catalogue Item he/she is taking

3. Click the icon View More


4. Look for the test and click View More


5. Change the status attempt of the test to open. This will now remove the exempt test status and allow the user to take the test.




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