Which setting would give a marker the option to allow a student to resubmit their assignments? 


Which setting would give a marker the option to allow a student to resubmit their assignments?


The “Resubmission Required” is an option that appears for markers when a user submits an assignment. Markers have the authority to check assignments and it will depend on their assessment if an assignment requires to be resubmitted.

However, for an assignment to get a “Resubmission Required” status, multiple assignment submissions should be allowed. This is a configuration that can be modified by an Administrator, or by users with authority.



Enabling Multiple Assignment Submission

1. Navigate to Manage Learning > Manage Learning Assets.

2. Search for the assignment that you’d like to modify

3. Click Edit Assignment

4. Under the Settings drop down, look for the Submission Type section, and tick the Multiple Posts with Separate Submit Note: The question mark icon bedside the option provides a detailed explanation about the function.


5. Click Save Assignment to save changes

Marking the assignment

Refer to Marking an assignment instructions on our help site to mark an assignment for “Resubmission Required” status. Note: Only users with a Marker role can mark assignments.

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