Unable to move a user to another session, an error "No incomplete progress record found for event to assign session" appears


When I move certain users to another Learning Event Session, I get the error No incomplete progress record found for event to assign session”. What is the reason for this error and how can I move users with this issue to another Learning Event Session?



The error appears when a user has an existing enrolment record that has a Cancelled status on their Learning Event.  To avoid this error when moving a user to another session, you should delete the cancelled enrolment record for that user and re-enrol them to the Learning Event.



To delete an enrolment record, make sure that you have permission to modify or delete enrolments on your platform. Note: Deleting the enrolment record will also delete the user’s progress on the related Catalogue Item. Don’t proceed if the user’s progress is required.

Deleting the Enrolment Record

1. Navigate to Manage LearningEnrolments

2. Search for the user’s cancelled enrolment record.

3. Once you have selected the enrolment record, click the  icon to view the record in full detail.

4. Click Edit Enrolment.

5. Click Delete Enrolment button to delete the enrolment record. A prompt will appear to confirm if you would like to delete the enrolment. Click Yes to proceed.

Move the user to another session

1. Before the user can be moved to another session, the user should be enrolled in the Learning Event. If self-enrolment is enabled, the user may enrol themselves, or you can enrol them using assign learning wizard

2. Once the user is enrolled, you can view our help site for instructions on how to move a user between sessions

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