Learner with cancelled enrolment is being re-enrolled due to User Enrolment Rules


A learner that has a cancelled enrollment has been re-enrolled due to User Enrollment Rule setup. How do I prevent a cancelled enrollment to disallow re-enrolling?


The User Enrollment Rule is working as intended. A cancelled enrollment is not considered as an incomplete or completed enrollment so the system will see that this user does not have an open or close enrollment, hence re-issuing another enrollment.

As a workaround, you can collate all the learners who has a cancelled enrollment, place them in a group and add them in the user enrolment group. In that way, they will not be re-enrolled. To know more about User Enrollment Rule click here.



Create a group for users who have cancelled enrolment. Click here for the steps on how to create a group

1. Navigate to Settings > User Enrolment Rule > Add User Enrolment Rule

Fill up the details as required and under the filter section, add a group to be excluded using the operator “doesn’t contain”.

In example below, the group created is “Excluded Users”. This will not re-enroll them since the system rejects that group base on the filter.


2. Click Save User Enrolment Rule to apply the changes

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