How to combine the enrolment of two accounts to one account?


An individual was uploaded twice into the system and we want to combine the information/enrolment into one account is that something that can be done?


There is no feature to directly transfer the enrolment details of one account to another account. What we can do is to import the learning history of the account that will be deleted/removed to the account that we will retain.

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Before proceeding on importing the enrolment of the user to the selected enrolment to be retained, it is important to gather the information first before deleting.

Importing the enrolment to the enrolment that will be retained (via Import Learning History)

1. Navigate to Manage Learning > select Enrolments

2. Click Import Learning History > download the Template


3. Fill-up the template with necessary details.


OwnerID – ID of Catalogue item that was completed by the account that you will remove.

UserID – username of the account that you will retain

All Dates (e.g. Date Last Visited, Date Completed) – data will be based on the enrolment that you are transferring from the account that you will remove to another account.

4. Select the completed Template > Click Import and email result


5. You may check your enrolment records to see if the changes have been applied by navigating to Manage Learning > You can also compare the enrolment details of the account that you will remove to the enrolment details has been imported to the other account before deleting it.

To delete the enrolment

1. Navigate to Manage Learning > select Enrolments

2. Look for the user and the enrolment. You may use the search bar to find it more easily.

3. Click the arrow icon on the right side.


4. Click Edit Enrolment > Delete Enrolment.

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