What is Site Authorisation and how to use it?


What is Site Authorisation and how to use it? 


Site Authorisation settings provide additional security to ensure that unauthorised users cannot register for access to the site. In order to be allowed to self-register, users will be prompted for a 'Key'. The 'Key' will be provided by e.g. a store manager, or a hospital educator and could be for example: "CoffsHarbour200" or "Greenslopes101". Upon correctly entering the key, users will see the self-registration form, along with a welcome message corresponding to the key. 

Use Self Registration Keys and welcome messages to lock access to the Registration form and provide tailored 'Welcome' messages. 

  1. Self-Registration keys are only available when 'Site Authorisation' is enabled. 
  2. When using 'Site Authorisation', you should specify at least one 'Key' - otherwise users will not be able to get to the registration form. 
  3. Welcome Messages are optional.


Pre-condition: User must be a Tenant Administrator to perform the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to Settings>Site Authorisation
  2. Tick the box for Enable site authorisation to show the key label text box blobid0.png
  3. In the text field, input the Key Label that you want the users to see for your required key e.g. “Branch 
  4. Click Save Site Authorisation button. 
  5. Now click Site Authorisation Setting link. This should show at least (1) content for the one you just created. blobid1.png
  6. Click Actions button, click Add Site Authorisation located on the upper right hand of the page.blobid9.png
  7. It will allow you to input the value that you want for your unique key that will be provided for your future users. Input the value in Key text field. 
  8. You can add a welcome message that will show after the user put in the unique key. blobid3.png
  9. Select the Org Unit or Group where you want this Site Authorisation to apply. This will automatically apply to all the users under the selected value. 
  10. Make sure that the box is ticked for Active to activate the unique key. 
  11. You can also add Extra role and Scope of Extra Role on this setting, click Add button. 
  12. Click Save Site Authorisation button. It will take you to the list view of Keys. blobid4.png

Future users that will self-register will now be asked to provide the unique key after they click the Register link. 

Click Next button.



The user will now be taken to the Registration page with the Welcome message you added. 


  1. You can only edit or add a new unique key. 
  2. Unique keys cannot be deleted. However, you can deactivate them by clicking the key you wish to deactivate, then untick the Activate box, click the Save Site Authorisation button. 
  3. You can disable Site Authorisation by unticking Enable site authorisation box on this page Settings>Site Authorisation. It will deactivate this setting even the unique key is still activated. 
  4. Make sure to provide the unique key/keys to your future users.

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