What is Advanced CSS and its purpose in CLS?


What is Advanced CSS and its purpose in CLS? 


It defines a new base URL for where the CSS is loaded from. By default, it loads over the normal blob storage URL to pull the saved skin. The advanced option should only be used if you want to write CSS for every single part of the CLS. 

Note: Note that you need to know what you are doing here and to be prepared to maintain it in futureCLS updates when things may change. 

To know more about CSS in our CLS, kindly visit our Help-site here. 



Pre-condition: User must be a Tenant Administrator to perform these steps. 

  1. To enter Advanced CSS, select Settings > Style and Images and click the Advanced tab  
  2. Paste the URL in the text box and click Save Skin button. You should be able to see the changes blobid0.png

Here you can optionally override janison.web.ui.css with an alternative address. This is an extremely powerful action and should only be done after careful research and consideration. 

(No sample result is available for this article as there is no available Style Base URL to be used)


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