Enrolment - How to swap user for a test enrollment to another test enrollment


How can I swap a candidate’s enrolment to another enrolment? 


There is no function that can swap a candidate’s enrolment to another enrolment. You may need to delete the existing enrolment and manually enrol the candidate to the correct enrolment. 

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Removing existing enrolment 

Note: Write down the start date as you will need this when re-enrolling the user. 
1. Navigate to Manage Learning > Enrolments

2. Using the Search bar, look for the user and the enrolment

3. Click the arrow icon on the right side of the enrolment


4. Click Edit Enrolment > Delete Enrolment 

Manual re-enrolment 

1. Navigate to Manage Learning > Manage Catalogue 

2. Search for the enrolment/Catalogue Item

3. Click the Catalogue Item > Enrolled Users

4. Click Enrol > select the user > Click Add 


You may check your enrolment records to see if the changes are applied by navigating to Manage Learning Enrolments

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