UNSW | Can't delete the 'zz' Region (Organization Unit)


UNSW | Can't delete the 'zz' Region (Organization Unit)



zz’ Region (Organization Unit) contains all the custom landing and module pages that generate the dashboard for all the staff, users and coordinators for UNSW. Deleting this could probably cripples major points of the system. It is working as intended. This Organization Unit is critical to the production environment. 



Note: These steps are only to show you where to find the ‘zz’ Region (Organization Unit) for UNSW and what will happen when you try to delete it. 

  1. Navigate to Manage People. 
  2. Click Region, Search for "zz". 
  3. Click Edit Region. 
  4. Click Delete Region. A pop-up will appear, prohibiting you from deleting it. blobid0.png
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